The most effective way to keep your carpets looking good and stain free.

Carpet Club from Zero Dry Time is the latest innovation in maintaining your carpets and keeping them clean.

Carpet maintenance starts from the day a carpet is laid: the hand-over clean from the building contractors should be professionally done to maintain the original appearance.

The regular cleaning company should be using the right vacuum cleaner for the job. A good-quality, twin-motor upright vacuum is ideal to remove dry, gritty soil which can cause damage by ageing a carpet and causing fibre damage.

Customised Carpet Maintenance Program with our Carpet Club

Zero Dry Time take a holistic approach and offer cost-effective, regular and professional carpet cleaning for your home and office for as long as you need it.

Whether cleaning a retail environment during opening hours or office block overnight, our approach is the same: We agree an appropriate time, plan each clean to cause minimum disruption to clients and liaise with on-site staff. Once the clean is complete, we make sure we have a signed satisfaction report prior to invoicing through our dedicated Carpet Club.

We can provide a maintained service to fit your requirements – a retail store may need a weekly visit, whereas a small office with no visitors may only need us to come out every six months.

We find that most of our carpet maintenance contracts use dry carpet cleaning systems for guaranteed results and no drying times.

Planned carpet maintenance protects the investment you’ve made in your carpeting, gives a positive image, ensures a healthier working environment and extends carpet life by years.

Join our Carpet Club and sign up to cleaner carpets and a cleaner environment with our hassle-free planned carpet maintenance.

Contact us today to join and start benefiting from The Zero Dry Time Carpet Club.


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